We Give Back DIfferently

We are planning our 6th annual Turkey Drive with distributions of whole Turkey's and other Thanksgiving Dinner ingredients to those in need!

PCNYintheStreets was co-founded by Wayne Schneider and Talia Schneider, with a lot of assistance from family and friends. Having grown up in Yonkers and living in the various boroughs of NYC, PCNYintheStreets members continue to spearhead multiple initiatives throughout the area; including feeding approximately 200 homeless people every week on 34th Street & 8th Avenue. 

for every $500 donated we can provide 35 Turkey Dinners to families in need!

Turkey Dinner = 1 Turkey + 20lbs of Sides

Turkey Donation Goal

Reserve Hotel Room

PCNY Turkey Drive 2020 Special Group Rate.

2020 Head Sponsor:

2020 Sponsors:

Projected Marketing Tactics

A comprehensive all-inclusive press release will be created and distributed through email, established entertainment and media contacts, mailings, and face-to-face selected media delegates.

Social Media Channels: Facebook and Instagram. Mass E-mails will be sent through individual networking pipelines.

During all of our events, we have media outlets that cover the event as well as inquire about sponsors.

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Cindy Corbett
(781) 708-3880


We are a tax-exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Your donation is tax deductible in accordance with IRS requirements.
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